One Low Price for 12 Monthly Consultations and 12 Custom Hypnotic Audios.

One Low Price for 12 Monthly Consultations and 12 Custom Hypnotic Audios.

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With each goal we master another will present itself. Its a continuous journey of leveling up. 

Because we want to make progress quickly, we look for the most efficient way to achieve it.It's as if we can't get enough soon enough. The Modify My Mind Subscription Program is the solution to your hunger for constant growth. Every month for a year you receive a phone consultation that will lead you to discover your next steps. A Custom Hypnotic Audio is then created to support your goal for that month. Remember each audio is yours to keep. You can go back to any audio if you feel the need. 

That is a phone consultation and one new Custom Hypnotic Audio every month for a year! This plan is a huge savings for you. An entire year for just $3700.00 

Because of the drastically reduced price I will only be offering this to the first 6 persons to pay in full. 




What can you expect from your Custom Audio Session?

Every session begins with a relaxation exercise that leads you to a calm and focused state of mind. In this calm state you are then led even deeper into relaxation. During this relaxed and focused state, we become up to two hundred times more open to suggestion. This is when the changes you desire are introduced. The mind then starts to explore these new ideas.  You are then led to visualize your life as if your goal has been met. This leads you to feel as though your goals have been met and deepens the impact the changes have.  You are then led to rest a moment with these new ideas. After a few moments in this peaceful rest, you will be brought back to your normal awakened awareness feeling calm, peaceful and content.

Let’s go over answers to some common questions:

The relaxed and focused state I lead you to is like a daydream. You feel relaxed and focused but remain aware at the same time. It is in this state we become up to 200x more open to suggestions.

If you are enjoying your trance state and decide to stay a while longer, you are given the option to ignore the count up. When you decide to open your eyes you will come back to normal awakened awareness.

Unlike a generic recording, only the suggestions and changes you decide are included in the custom recording.

Your custom Audio puts YOU IN CHARGE of the changes you desire.  There are no hidden suggestions.

You will not be charged for any shipping or sales tax.


IMPORTANT & REQUIRED READING - By clicking "Add to Cart", you agree that you have read and will follow instructions in the message below.  Your agreement to these instructions is required for your personal safety and is required to purchase, for download, my hypnotic sessions:

  • All hypnotic downloads will be used in a safe environment free of distractions. Never listen to hypnotic messages while driving or operating machinery.
  • Hypnosis needs your cooperation. It is up to you to find the time and space daily for your hypnotic session. The suggestions will not mysteriously jump into your head and initiate change.
  • For best results listen with headphones in a quiet place free from distractions.
  • While you are performing regular daily activities and you notice a suggestion come to surface, give it your attention!! That is what you asked for.
  • Under no circumstance should you replace medical attention or prescribed medications with the hypnotic downloads.

If you have any further question, please feel free to leave me a message.