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Thank you for your interest in the Relaxation Audio by Debbie.

Click HERE to download your FREE 14-minute Relaxation .mp3 Audio.  The method to complete the download, and store it to the location of your choice, depends on your device.

Here is what you are receiving

This audio sample allows you to experience the relaxation portion of a custom hypnotic session. Sessions begin with an opportunity to allow a calm and comfortable feeling. In this relaxed state you become up to two hundred times more open to suggestion. This is where the real work begins.

The only suggestions included in this sample are for comfort and relaxation. In your extended custom session, you decide on the suggestions. You see, change really is yours to decide.

In the coming days, I will send you additional emails to inform you about the relationship between relaxation, hypnosis, and a new way of being.

Change is yours to decide,

Modify My Mind, LLC
Certified Hypnotist

P.S. Click HERE for your FREE Relaxation Audio.