Karen Cloe Success Story

I wanted to change the way I relate to food and I wanted to make my business stronger. 

Debbie helped me accomplish both, as I describe in my video below.


Dan Kapellen Success Story

I wanted to modify my diet to lose 35 lbs, from 235 to 200, and maintain my target weight.  Debbie asked me a series of questions, and she created a personalized audio that I have listened to, daily, for 10 weeks.  My progress, to-date, is a reduction of 15 lbs (1.5 lbs per week) in the slow, steady, sustainable manner that I want, and I am on plan.

A beneficial, but unexpected side effect is that the calming effect on my mind increases the amount of REM deep sleep that I get each night.  I know this from an app on my iPhone that I have used to measure sleep quality, and to use as an alarm, for nearly 7 years.  Listening to the audio just before bedtime has proven to be a great way to prepare my mind and body for a good night's sleep.

Sleep quality is so critically important to mental well-being, concentration, and energy. Debbie is an asset to both my physical and mental health.   And, I notice the difference.