Welcome to Modify My Mind!

Here you'll find all the tools required to modify your mind! Between a library of prerecorded sessions at cheap prices, custom sessions with valuable individuality and live sessions with the personality to overwhelm, you're sure to find a solution to the thoughts preventing your full potential.

Custom Sessions

With custom sessions you'll be able to create a process that fits your needs exactly. Choose between the topic, the length, and many others options with your very own customized hypnosis. If custom sessions are what you're looking for, or you're interested in finding out more, go ahead and head to the Find Your Service page to compare all three of your options!

Get the Live Experience

If you wish I offer live sessions via internet or phone. In these sessions, we will go over all the questions on the form together. You will have my full attention and be able to ask questions. Together we will map the road to the behavior modification you desire. A download of the hypnotic session is included for your use. Maximum time for this session is two hours.