My Story

The Power of Mindful Focus

The power of mindful focus brought me from an obese and an emotional wreck in 2010 to a confident, clear-minded business woman today.  I was at the point where there was no place to go, but up. The problem was I was so lost I didn’t know which way up was. I was barely hanging on. Now I understand that falling apart is the only way to rebuild yourself. Piece by piece I had to put myself back together.

I started with a nutritional program. I was determined, and I stuck with the program. The photo to the right shows how I looked in 2010.  After losing 70 lbs, I felt and looked better than I had in many years. I even had a glimmer of pride restored. I received many compliments and attention. This was the start of my come back.  With a little confidence under my belt I took on the role of Nutrition Coach, specializing in weight loss. I was determined to help others get to where I had gotten. I knew the pain and knew I could help. Well, it didn’t work like that.

As a Nutritional Coach, I felt that I lacked the tools to help people stay on track toward their goal.  Some were skeptical, some didn’t believe in themselves, some felt they were not worth it, and the others just plain felt I could not help them. When I did get someone to do the program they would get the results. They would look and feel great, just like I promised. But, even after losing as much as 100 lbs,  they would stop and return to their unhealthy habits. What was wrong with them, I wondered? Or, was it me, I wondered?  I started to investigate.

By now I was meditating and learning to get my own anxiety under control. It had been out of control for quite some time. With my weight and anxiety under control I was really feeling like a new person. Now, I felt better suited to help others. Surely, I thought, they will listen to me now. I can show them the nutrition program and this wonderful way I found for relieving stress. Again, I did not get much interest. I wondered, what could possibly be wrong? So, I did some further investigation. How can I help with things like self-sabotage, self-esteem, conflict? You name it, I was interested in studying it.

I studied it all. I thought that I should be growing leaps and bounds. I have all this great information to share. I would learn something new and take it straight to the person I thought would benefit most. It normally fell on deaf ears.  I am not sure how long it took me to understand that I needed to learn this for myself. I needed to apply the lessons. I needed to focus on me.

Now with the focus in the right place I was able to concentrate on becoming the best me. I learned that in order to accomplish my goals, I must first step into the person who can achieve them. I learned how to quiet my mind when it wanted to spin out of control. I found with a quiet mind I made decisions based on what was really happening and not some version I had made up in my head. Funny how humans can make up something and then believe it. I now had Mental Strength. With this new mindset I noticed the drama slipping away. My relationships were more solid. I had more confidence than ever.  All this from a quiet mind.

The quieter I became, the clearer I became. I found myself going deep into this quiet space often. I could watch what I was thinking and discard any thought that didn’t take me where I wanted to go. After a while it became the way I processed thought. I found I could go deep into this quiet and learn new behaviors. Here I learned that I can choose who and what I want to be. If I needed to be more outgoing, I could instill this trait. If I need more confidence I can install this trait as well. The possibilities are endless.

This state I had discovered is hypnosis. Hypnosis has changed my life in more ways than I can share. It is an incredible journey.  Mental Strength Training coupled with Hypnosis Training has given me a new lease on life. With a focus on myself and building the best me I know how, I lost track of needing to help others. I know the best way to help others is to become the best version I see for myself.

If this obese and emotional wreck of a person can do it, anybody can. The awareness that you want and can change is the first step. The possibilities are endless. A little tweak or a complete transformation, it is completely up to you. Whatever you decide I am here for you, and I can help you become the person you want to become.