You, Television, Politics, and Hypnosis

The state of the people here in the USA is of great concern. You must admit that common behavior is somehow, different. My intention here is to show how we have been led to forgo logic and make decisions based on emotion. I mapped it out in sections to lead you to greater understanding.

You are not the exception

From the moment in birth we begin to be influenced by outside forces. Because we have nothing to go on, we tend to absorb it all. We don’t decide our language, or our cultural beliefs. They are taught to us through a system of reward and punishment. When we behave in the correct manner, we are rewarded by the teachers. The reward or lack of reward leads us to feel a certain way. This feeling state anchors the behavior.

As adults we think we have more control over who and what influences us. We believe we make up our own minds. This belief allows us to become unguarded. We create daily habits that feel normal. They feel normal because enough of society has adopted these behaviors. We are no longer deciding, we are responding to what society considers normal.

 You and your Television

While deciding where to place your TV, you look for the place it can be best viewed. It becomes the focal feature in the room. All the other furniture is placed according to where the TV is situated. It is set up to be viewed in comfort. This may be done in more than one room. Because most of society arranges a room around their television, it feels normal to do it. You may even hope they notice you upgraded to a bigger and nicer TV.


You, Your Televisión, and Politics

Politics shapes our lives by imposing laws we must adhere to. No matter what side we are on, or what political beliefs we subscribe to, politics influences our way of life. For most of us, watching the news on television is our way of keeping up with what is going on in politics. There are a variety of views and opinions broadcasted in these newscasts. Most people choose their source based on what they already believe to be true. This further impacts the idea that it is the truth. The more your belief is confirmed, the less you can consider other views. An inability to listen to another view rationally and logically has become the norm. Therefore, we see emotions running high, and tempers are flaring.

You, Your Television, Politics, and Hypnosis

The very act of watching TV can be a hypnotic experience. You make yourself comfortable and relaxed. You become involved with whatever is on the screen, to the point you become unaware of your surroundings. Proof of this would be someone speaking to you, without your noticing. You ate a whole bowl of snack food and don’t recall eating it. You become so involved with the characters, you feel what the characters are feeling. These are all signs of a hypnotic trance.

A Politicians main objective is to influence the public. They need to sway the views of the people one way or the other. First, they need your attention. You give them this attention through the television, radio, newspaper, or internet.

Now that they have your attention the use of language comes into play. Language is used to heighten your emotions. Logic takes a back seat to highly charged issues. They constantly touch on subjects that have become emotional triggers. To further exaggerate an issue, they make use of metaphors. These metaphors encourage us to relate to the subject on a personal level. They lead you to feel a certain way. The longer they keep you on an emotional rollercoaster, the more control they have over your feelings.

Repetition is used to keep you in this emotional state. Emotional key words reoccur throughout the subject matter. Notice for yourself how often some words and phrases are repeated.

 A combination of words is put together to form a quick and easily repeated idea. “Keep America Great” “I have a dream” are two examples that come to mind. I have one too, “Change is yours to decide” These phrases are built so everyone can agree. The more a person says it, the more you agree with them.

I trust you have begun to see that emotions and ideas can be planted to sway you one way or the other.

These planted ideas are anchored in with your emotional response. They are anchored in such a way that every time a subject comes up, you have the same reaction. Have you noticed anyone who will defend an unimportant issue with everything they have? What about persons supporting a candidate no matter what they say or do? Even suggesting the idea that a leader could be wrong, sets them off. The other day while driving down the road, I saw a man standing by the street holding a sign supporting a political leader. It was so random. I wondered what possessed him to do this.

We as a people have become divided according to who we listen to. The more we listen, the greater the division.

In my study of Hypnosis, I have learned that a person in a relaxed and focused state is up to two hundred times more open to suggestion. This is the same state we enter when watching television or reading This state is hypnotic trance.

Common practices of media and political talks fall perfectly in line with what I learned to be a great Hypnotist. The strongest of these practices used are, repetition and the use of metaphors. Other tactics I notice are, the building of repeatable messages that anyone would agree with and anchoring an idea with emotion. If I was to listen to a political talk and remove all the hypnotic language, the bare bone would be all that is left. You would wonder what drew you to listen to begin with.

I ask that you stop and ask yourself why you believe something so strongly. What influenced this belief? Are you in your own mind, or have you been influenced? Narrowminded views that can’t be logically discussed or reviewed, are most likely the result of influence.

 I ask that you listen and treat others with respect, no matter how strongly they support an opposing view. Remember they feel just as fixed as you do. Check yourself and listen with an opened mind.

Change is yours to decide,


Modify My Mind LLC


PS. Hypnosis can be used for the greater good.  If you are willing, I would use hypnosis to help you become opened minded and respectful of other people’s views. Treating people calmly and respectfully encourages a healthy exchange of ideas.

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