The Power of Anchors

Have you ever experienced a moment in time when a scent, a sound, a sight, drew you back to a memory or a feeling?

This is what we call anchoring.

One of my fondest memories of my grandmother is her making me tomato soup. This was not just any tomato soup. She went down to the garden and picked the reddest, ripest, juiciest tomatoes she could find. She brought them in and carefully washed them. She then put them in scalding water, just long enough that the skins would peel off easily. She would then put them through this grinder that removed the seeds, and the fresh pulp and juice would run off into the pot. She then put the pot of tomatoes on the stove to simmer. Fresh milk and creamy butter were now added. I’m not sure of the seasoning she used but oh it smelt delicious. I must tell you that when that rich creamy texture touched my tong and the warmth slid down my throat, I thought I was in heaven. This is the memory tomato soup has anchored in me. Every time I smell tomato soup I think of grandma.

Back in Michigan winters are long and cold. The temperatures can stay in the minus figures for long periods of time. Sometimes it felt like a month before we saw even a glimmer of sunshine. People there will by sun lamps to help with depression caused by the lack of sun light. Oh, but when spring come, and the sun came out it was the best feeling ever. It felt like everything dead had come alive again, even me. Still to this day when I first step out into the sunshine, I feel this sense of aliveness. This feeling has been anchored in me.

In my business I use a similar anchor. Every Custom Hypnotic Audio I create starts the same way. Hi this is Debbie, founder of Modify My Mind. Please do not listen to this audio while driving or doing anything that deserve your full attention. Find a quiet place where you will relax undisturbed. For best results use head phones. To a first-time listener this just sounds like instructions, and they are. It is what they hear next that makes the difference. Upon hearing the instructions, they are then led into a deep state of comfort and relaxation. After a couple of listens they will automatically start to relax as soon as they hear Hi, this is Debbie, founder of Modify My Mind.

How can this work for other businesses you ask?

Just suppose you owned a mattress company. After the sale of a mattress you send the client a thank you note, including an audio for sleep. This audio would start out with something like this. We here at XYZ Mattress Company understand that having a great mattress is just a part in getting a good night sleep. We are sending you this sleep audio to aid you in getting the best possible nights rest. Please enjoy. Then they are led into a deep state of comfort and relaxation.

Now let’s examine the benefits for XYZ Mattress Company. The company purchased just one audio and shared it with all their clients. The client was gifted comfort, relaxation, and quality sleep. Now they will no longer think just mattress when they hear XYZ Mattress Center. They will also think, comfort, relaxation and quality sleep. This client is likely to forward this audio to any friend who is having problems with sleep. Now you have someone all new listening to your welcoming message about purchasing a mattress. Who will they think of first, when needing a mattress?

What if you are an accountant? You send a relaxation audio during tax time. The opening message could go like this, we here at XYZ Accounting Firm understand that preparing for taxes can be frustrating as well as stressful. We would like to extend to you a few moments peace. They are then led into a deep state of comfort and relaxation. If you wanted you could add a suggestion like, because you are being more diligent recording your receipts this year, next year when we do your taxes it will be even less stressful. This sets you up for doing business next year, and it suggest to the client they are keeping better records.

What would it be like for a Funeral Director to send the survivor an audio helping them deal with grief?

These are just a few ideas on how to anchor good feeling to your business. Because when a good feeling is anchored to your business it makes doing business even easier.

I am excited to hear all the innovative ideas you have on how a Custom and Branded Hypnotic Audio from Modify My Mind would help you grow your business. Email them to I promise they will be considered.

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