The Emotional Side of Stress

The Effects of Emotional Stress

The Emotional Effects of Stress          

When the subject of stress is mentioned, most times our minds will go to the physical aspects of stress. Nervousness, anxiety, high blood pressure, heart disease, and a compromised immune system. What about the internal more emotional side of stress. Difficulty focusing/concentrating. Inability to decide. Difficulty engaging with others. Unable to express ideas. What about creativity, stress blocks our creative abilities. Have you ever had an extraordinary idea while feeling stressed? No, ideas come when we are calm and focused.

Then there is anger. No one suddenly becomes angry. It is stress built up over time. Did you know there are twice as many fatalities from aggressive drivers than drunk drivers? Let that sink in. Twice as many people are injured or killed by an angry driver than a drunk driver.

Stress is the major contributor to disengagement in the workplace. Stress is robbing us of hour and hours of focused and intentional work.

Have you been to a meeting and someone is staring out the window. Someone else is checking their phone and someone else just stares blankly while they think about that overdo bill.

When the stress is coming from the workplace it is normally because we don’t feel confident, safe in our position. In a market survey I asked middle managers what they were most afraid of, pertaining to the workplace. Almost everyone of them responded with, losing my job. How is anyone going to be effective with this in the front of their minds?

Most of the stress has nothing to do with work. Its personal. As leaders we cannot and should not get involved in a teammates everyday stress. Now I am not talking about major catastrophes, like loss of a loved one, illness, accidents or anything of that nature. I am speaking about thing that arise in a normal day. Traffic, bills, partners and children. Getting involved in these things could lead to conflict, drama, miscommunication and gossip. He said she said. When it comes to everyday stress everyone needs to understand how to manage it.

So, you are probably beginning to wonder why I am telling you this and then instructing you not to get involved in a teammates everyday stress.

When we emphasize personal responsibly for stress management we can create a culture of calm. Everyone here has managed their stress and are focused and engaged on the project at hand.

Imagine working in a company that not only taught clarity in thought, they demanded it.

Imagine a calm relaxed and nurturing environment. An environment where everyone feels safe and Comfortable, openly sharing new ideas. A space where everyone is focused and intentionally engaging with each other and the project at hand.

And how will you your team to this place?

My solution is to provide custom branded audios. These audios would be between 10 and 15 minutes in length. Each one will be created to clear the mind and lead the listener into a deep state of comfort. This alone will have you feeling calmer and more content. We could take it further and add things like the company mission statement. This will result in a clear mind focused and aligned with the mission. These audios will be used to create focused engagement leading to more productive working.

I asked middle managers if they felt they would be more productive if they were given just 10 minutes to clear their minds. They all responded yes.

10 minutes to ensure your team is focused and engaged with the project at hand is a small price to pay for hours of focused and intentional work.

Your first step in leading your management team to more focused and intentional working is emailing


Debbie Littlefield

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