Take Back Your Power

You have decided to make some changes for the better.

Where do you start?

Choose to GrowHabits that we have practiced over the years may be deeply ingrained. The unnoticed habits even more so. Doing something over and over without any attention drives it deep. There has been no energy given to change. Hypnosis can help you discover and conquer these. Every one of these you discover and conquered is a step up.

You may also notice that while clearing up one problem it solves many others. Most times one leads to the other. For example, anxiety may cause weight gain and other health issues. By addressing the anxiety, the other problems solve themselves.

Start with Small Changes

If you have a large list of changes you want to make, I suggest you start small. While ridding yourself of the smaller less important things you are building up your energy. A person only has so much energy to disperse in one day. If you are using up ten percent of your energy fighting these smaller annoyances, that is ten present less you have for conquering the larger ones. Let’s face it. For some things it will take a lot of energy.

Furthermore, it shows you it can be done. I made this change, so this is possible as well. With each one you build yourself up. You become stronger. It is setting yourself up for success.

Visualize What You Want to Achieve

This is what I mean when I say in order to achieve your goals, you must first step into the person who can accomplish them. While achieving smaller goals you are building strength and character. This strength and character is needed to accomplish the larger goals. It is as if you are climbing a stairway. Every step up takes you closer to the top.

Mental StrengthI understand that your biggest goals, are likely to be the most important to you. That is exactly why I suggest you take the proper steps to achieve them. These goals are the game changers. I am not saying it is impossible to accomplish them right from the start. I am saying it will be harder. It will take more will and determination. I feel it is best to build up to it.

With that being said, the choice is always yours. You start where you feel ready. If you feel starting off slow is the answer, that is what we will do. If you are feeling strong and ambitious, we will start with your bigger goals.  Nothing is written in stone and every journey is different. If you are progressing quickly, we will move up quickly. If you need more time, you got that too. The only thing that matters here is that you are growing into the person you want to become.




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