Stress of the Holidays can drain the Joy the season is meant to bring.

Relax, Hypnosis, Holiday Expectations, Overspending, Feelings of Inadequacy, Over thinkingOver spending doesn’t only cause stress and worry throughout the Holidays, it follows us into the New Year. Consider why you would over spend. Are you using gift giving as a mechanism to boost your pride? Spend no more than you feel you can afford. Talk it over with the people you exchange gifts with. Chances are they will feel relieved as well. 

Feelings of inadequacy unchecked, always leads to stress. All through the Holidays we are thrown into situations where we feel we are not good enough. We feel pressured to perform. Look at these inadequate feelings and discover for yourself where these feelings stem from. Are you even the same person you were when you took them on? Know when your best is good enough. Take a minute to realize you are not the only one feeling this pressure.

Over thinking is sure to drain the joy of the Holiday. To prevent the need to over think get organized. Checking things off a list gives you less to think about. Once something is checked off move on to the next. If you did your best, know it is good enough.

Rushing around is stress looking for a place to happen. When we feel rushed, all ability to think clearly goes out the window. It is in these times we need our wit and clarity the most. Slow down! If you feel you have too much to do and can’t slow down, you need to slow down even more. You can accomplish more in less time with a clear head.

Feeling you must do something, buy something, or be somewhere is not only stressful, it causes us to feel out of control. The reality of the season is, you will spend some time doing things you feel you have to do. We are expected to do our part. We want to do our part. Take control by setting limits. Look at the things that are expected of you, that you don’t want to do, and make a compromise. Enjoy the feeling of giving, while setting limits.

Expectation is the root of all heartache, Holiday Expectations, Overcome Holiday StressWith the Holidays comes a lot of expectations. Everyone has their favorite Holiday memories. We tend to want to recreate those moments in time. We expect things to happen on a certain day, with certain people, in a certain place. Since we are all doing this, it causes chaos and hard feelings. Remember life is uncertain, especially during the holidays. Be opened to excepting a different possibility. Take a more casual approach to scheduling Holiday events. You will find everyone enjoying themselves even more.

Recognize that others are stressed as well. Be a little kinder. Extend some extra patience in the spirit of the Holiday. Choose to respond in a loving a calm manner.

I trust you will take these points into consideration and enjoy this Holiday like no other. Remember, the best present is the gift of presence.

Change is yours to decide,


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