Road Rage Leads to more Deaths than Drunk Driving

Aggressive driving (road rage) has twice as many fatalities as drunk driving. Let that sink in, twice as many people are killed or injured from an aggressive driver than a drunk driver.

I once was a victim of an aggressive driver. It was frightening. He started yelling and waving his fist. As I moved on, he got behind me as close as he could. He was inches from my rear bumper. When I stopped at a red light he was so close his truck was on my bumper. I know he had his foot hard on the brake while he revved his engine.

I knew enough to not react. I continued to drive as if he wasn’t there. I did not speed up or slow down. I stopped when I should and accelerated when it was time. After a while of this he swerved away not to bother me again.

I had to wonder what would have happened if I reacted. How dangerous could this situation become? Would the next person feed his anger and allow it to get out of control? How many more people will be driving aggressively because of one man’s anger? Whom would fall victim?

Just like drunk driving, aggressive driving affects everyone on the road. The difference is that anger is contagious. Anger in one-person sparks anger in the next. Some people are so stressed that all it takes is a spark for them to become enraged.

Where are these aggressive drivers coming from?

 For the most part I do not believe this anger is created on the road. A person who is happy and content is not easily angered by a traffic mishap. You will not find a happy and content person revving their engines at a stop light. This kind of anger builds over a period of time. I believe high levels of stress is behind this anger.

In an ideal world each of us would take reasonability for our own state of mind. We would learn ways to manage our stress before it becomes anger.

You must remember that a highly stressed person is not thinking clearly. They do not see that they need help. They do not understand how their actions are affecting others until it is too late. It is up to us to take action without reacting.

By learning stress management skills, you stay calmer longer. You are less apt to feed into someone’s anger. Just like a vaccine, it will prevent stress from infecting you. Once you are protected you no longer become a carrier. The cycle can stop.





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