No Pain No Gain


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               We have heard this from many trainers and sports enthusiast across our globe. The idea is we must move through the pain to achieve the gains. The idea is we must move through the pain to achieve our gains

This is true in personal growth as well. The pain is the things we tell ourselves we cannot do. It is in doing these things we move through pain and experience our greatest gains.

Throughout our lifetime we store in our subconscious our perception of everything that happened in our surroundings. When you perceive something as either bad or good, the next time a similar event comes up, you will treat it as such.

Can we agree that how we perceived things in our past are not necessarily truth? Maybe because we were feeling a little sad when we heard or experienced something it took on a different meaning then it would have if you were feeling happier at this time. We do not store the what ifs. We only store the perception of the event as we were at that time.

When we tell ourselves, we cannot it is because we stored this information from a previous event. Do not believe me? Let me share with you a story about a woman named Rose. Rose was raised with an older brother that naturally excelled in many areas. She felt she would never measure up. She became very shy and led a very ordinary life. She did her best to stay in the background. One day while driving to pick up her daughter from dance she was in a horrific accident. After being removed from her car with the jaws of life she found herself in a hospital with no memory of who she was. Not remembering who she was she wrote a paper about her experience. Her Dr. found this paper to be an excellent example of what can happened and asked her to give a talk to a panel of Drs. Because she had no memory telling her she could not she did it without any fear

Now let us look at what happened here. Because Rose perceived her brother’s talents as her failures, she became withdrawn and shy. After the accident she did not remember that she had felt this way. Because she did not remember what she had previously saddled herself with she was free to write and present to people with a much higher formal education and feel good doing it.

Lack of confidence is just one way our stored memories can get in the way. Any belief that we cannot do something can be traced to a past incidents. My friend Tammy grew up in a very loving home. As a happy child she would hop skip and sing all day. One day her mother came home with a horrible headache. She yelled at Tammy to stop the horrible noise. Tammy assumed it was her singing that caused her mother’s reaction and chose never to sing again. As an adult she wanted the joy song brought her as child but the command to stop that horrible noise stayed with her. If she could just change her perspective to my voice is fine my mom was just having a bad day, Tammy would continue to sing through life.

We could trace our memories back to discover which events have caused our blocks, but this is be time consuming and emotionally draining. Most likely it will prompt the need for therapy.

What if we could answer our desires by changing our perspective without going back to the time, we created them. I have found such a technique. Hypnosis bypasses the critical mind and tells the subconscious mind a new story. It is as if you are creating new memories that allow for the things you want in life.

I have used hypnosis to change beliefs created by stored memories and went on to quit smoking, speak up for what I believe in, confidently enter a room full of strangers and more.

What belief could you change that would enhance your life?

You see our gains do not have to be as painful as our thoughts tell us they will be.


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