My Journey into Mental Strength

One might think that training in Mental Strength is what lead to more powerful thinking. Training could not prepare me the way circumstances played out did.

My story like many others start at rock bottom. I was at the lowest place in my life. Twice divorced, mother of 6, working day in and day out to support my family. On a particularly stressful day, something popped into my head. I was instructed to look up meditation. I have no idea where this thought came from, I had never considered meditating. That evening I googled meditation. A guided hypnosis audio came up and I gave it a listen. All I could say was wow! From that day on I have used meditation in a daily practice.

I began to become even more curious about the mind, and the power of thought. I listened to audios and read many books.

I came across one book I felt I must have. It was expensive, and I did not have the funds. I wrote the author and asked if he could give me the books and he could use me as a case study. I got no reply. Time went on and I saved enough to purchase the audio version. I had listened to it time and time again. I was building my mental strength.

I began to believe I could become more. I knew I was becoming more. Then I made the decision, I will become more. I envisioned a stronger more powerful me and I worked on myself daily.

This is when I received an email, I believed would change our lives. In this email it was told that a company is being formed to take what I learned and share it with corporations. This company was looking for training facilitators.

I filled out the application. This was definitely a sign that a new me was emerging. In the past I would not have felt accomplished enough to even try. It seemed like forever before I had heard anything back. Somehow this new me had gained some faith, as I anxiously kept checking my email.

Then it happened, I received the email. I was invited onto a conference call where this program would be further explained. My new life was about to take flight.

On the call I learned about all the benefits of becoming a training facilitator. I learned I would not just be a training facilitator, I would be the founding facilitator. A prestigious position with extra bonuses. What I was too learn in the trainings alone would far exceed my expectations. When training was complete, I would be certified training facilitator earning more than I could have ever imagined.

Then came the big blow. I was crushed to learn that there was a price to pay. A price tag of $7,500. I didn’t even have a fraction of this fee. I messaged and sadly said I am out. I don’t have the money.

I knew if life was to change, I must take steps to change it. I put our home up for sale. I loved this home and planned on being there until the day I died. It sat on almost eight acres. The sunrises were breath taking and wildlife was abundant. Everything I ever wanted in a home.

It sold quickly, and I knew without a doubt positive changes were on the way. Although the sale of our home displaced and separated us, I knew in short time things would be different. I could pay for the training, a training that would lead me to earn enough money to help all my children (there are 6) and live a comfortable life.

I paid the fee in full and went to the first training in Las Vegas. This opportunity was becoming a reality. This was just the first step. Next, we were to attend an actual training given in a corporation. I eagerly anticipated this next step.

After the training in Vegas, things began to look quite different. Key people left or were let go. One of these key people was the head of sales. This left no one doing sales. Next to go was the training coordinator. This ended any further collaborations as a team.

By now the team of facilitators become restless. We contacted the owner. In an email he suggested we sell trainings to organizations. Mind you, we have not even finished being trained ourselves. When asked for promotional materials, leave behinds, cards, anything we were told they were coming. To this day I have never received any.

Even in the uncertainty, I knew I needed to keep learning and growing. That there was a purpose to my life. I continued to learn as much as I could. I continued trusting that I had made the right decision.

After some time had passed, Lunch and Learn was introduced. We would find locations for the owner to present a Lunch and Learn. He would introduce the company and we would get a portion of the sales. I attended a Lunch and Learn here in Florida. It was interesting, but I was not invited to be involved. I was not even introduced. The next Lunch and Learn I was to attend was cancelled last minute by the owner. There was no more lunch and learns scheduled to my knowledge.

At this point I should have been defeated. It was clear that this opportunity was nonexistent. By now I was explaining to well meaning family and friends that it isn’t over, and I must keep pushing on. Sometimes it was pride, but mostly I knew that something would become of all that I had become through this process.

Upon joining my local chamber, I learned I had access to the conference room three times a year. I messaged the owner and he instructed me to secure the room for a lunch and learn. Long story short he stood me up and the lunch and learn never happened. It was when he told me we would try again later, I decided I would not. I responded that I was not interested in doing business with him any longer and I expected a full refund. No reply was his response.

What does any of this have to do with my Mental Strength Training?

In my pursuit of Mental Strength, I was given many opportunities to exercise my own mental strength. When you need or want to learn something, opportunities to learn are served.

I was told by many I made a bad investment. I wonder when investing in yourself and a better future is a bad idea.

I was told to wait, but instead I chose to move along working on what I knew I could. I now hold 3 certifications in hypnosis and created Modify My Mind LLC. Becoming an ambassador to our area chamber has connected me with new businesses. Becoming an active in Toastmasters has allowed me to practice both speaking and leadership skills.

I could have taken this personally and beat myself up. Instead I chose to allow it to make me stronger.

I could have believed that I didn’t fully understand mental strength because my training was never completed. Instead I see what I went through as my lesson.

After two years of constant trying, I am not even close to where I thought I would be. The struggle is real. Is this time to quit? Nope, I choose to become even stronger.

I could have allowed any one of these reasons to stop me dead in my tracks, but after all this I am still not defeated. I have kept my head up and continue to work on me and my business. Modify My Mind is growing and has provided an avenue to help others. I keep showing up and putting myself out there. That something that drove me to know I can be more, still drives me.

I must admit this chain of events has instilled in me a distrust in persons who want to charge a fee for help or opportunity. Knowing this, I can bring it to light and continue the work needed to get past it.

Because of what I learned from this experience Honesty, Integrity and Trust have become values I won’t live without. You can trust I will deliver every time.

While going through the process of creating Modify My Mind LLC I found myself being pulled in the direction of stress reduction. It is my mission to restore peace in the hearts of humanity. With the workplace being a major contributor to our daily stress I am reaching out to one of the most stressful positions to be in, Management.

A stressed manager has difficulty interacting with the team. They may be unable to express their ideas clearly and find it difficult to make decisions. Once they become disengaged the whole team suffers.

When we provide a solution to the stress of our leaders, they naturally become better leaders They are making better decisions, interaction with their team becomes more meaningful and the overall culture of the company improves.

Modify My Mind has combined the knowledge behind thinking systematically with the natural relaxing and calming attributes of hypnosis, allowing management to quickly and easily clear the mind and align with the project.

Just for a moment, imagine a company that not only taught clarity of thought they demanded it. How much more would get down if the team is focused and engaged intentionally working toward a goal?

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Stay Blessed

Debbie Littlefield

Modify My Mind LLC

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