Handling Stressful Situations Like A Competent Leader



Handling Stressful Situations Like A Competent Leader

In any  management position you are expected to handle stressful situations daily.

 As a Middle Manger your decisions affect everyone on top as well as everyone below. You are the glue that joins the two sides. When the glue is strong it holds everything together. Let the glue weaken and it all falls apart.

When the glue is being stretched and pulled by both sides it is difficult to remain fastened. Unaddressed there becomes gaps and holes that weaken the structure.

What do these gaps and holes look like?

Anger and resentment of either side.

Inability to focus.

Inbility to communicate clearly

High levels of frustration.

Lack of engagement.

Avoiding difficult task or communications.

In an ideal working environment you would be able to go to either side of the structure to gain strength. You would clearly express your needs and the gaps and hole would be filled.

In the real world we have to learn the skills needed to fill the gaps and holes ourselves.

What do these skills look like?

Anger and resentment would be kept in check. They would never cloud a competent leader’s  judgement.

With a clear mind a strong leader focuses on the situation at hand.

A strong manager communicates clearly, there is no room for misunderstandings.

Because a good leader remains in control, frusteration is nonexistent.

A competent leader is activly engaged in making sure everything is running smoothly.

A successful leader moves head on into difficult situations and communications with clarity.

When a leader learns and practices these skills they become highly respected. They are seen for the competent leader they are and gain trust. With that trust they gain even more authority, without the need to be demanding. With focused clarity they get more done.


With the skills learned as a Mental Strength Training Facilitator, I can lead you step by step to gain the skills needed to become the competent and trusted leader you know you can be.


Stepping up together,


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