Design Yourself on Purpose

Decide the Attributes that You Want for Yourself

Attributes and Qualities for YourselfImagine yourself in a movie, you are the star of the movie. Now take a seat in the audience and watch.   Sit back, make yourself comfortable and enjoy the production.  You see yourself going through a typical day. You notice your typical responses to everyday experiences.  First see yourself waking up. Notice your morning ritual. What are you doing? Now move into your day. Are you interacting with family? What are those interactions like? Are you going to work or school? If you stay home how do you prepare for your day? If you are leaving the home, what is your mode of transportation? Are you feeling rushed, or relaxed?  What kind of thoughts are you thinking? When you arrive at your destination are you excited to be there? What are your interactions like? How do you feel? Now that your day there has ended, where will you go? Who are you with? How does it feel? When going to bed what are you thinking about your day and how you handled it?

I am sure you were completely engaged with this character, after all you have so much in common.  Just like you would with any character in a movie, you relate to some of their scenarios. At times you might identify, but think, hmmm I would have done it differently. One moment you feel compassion and the next you are yelling Why did you do that? You want to have their backs. Maybe guide them to a better decision. You See their character. Are they loving and compassionate or are they distracted and hurried?

New Direction for a New Life

New Life, Old Life, Change your lifeNow you get to decide what attributes you like. Take your time and look back through the movie. At what times did you feel the way you wanted to feel? Which of these qualities are the best representation of you? Make a list of these attributes. These qualities we will keep and strengthen.

Now let’s look at the qualities you would like to change. Where do you think you could do better? I am not asking you to be hard on yourself. Try to notice without judgement.  Noticing and deciding change is needed is your very first step, so congratulations you are already on your way.

 Some people believe that in order to change they must trace a behavior to its original roots. They need to figure out when and where it started. This can be a long hard road, but sometimes proves to be useful.

Change is Yours to Decide,


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