What Does Hypnosis have to do with Personal Development and Personal Growth

Personal Development is the Direct Route to Personal Growth

To move up and achieve higher goals, you must grow personally. If you are waitstaff and want to move into management, you need growth. Developing the skills is important, but you must also acquire the proper mindset. You must think and behave as a manager would. Clearly this is an example and can be applied to any position. You may want to become a better parent or spouse. You may want to be CEO of a huge company. Whatever the goal, growth is required. It might be a slight tweak or a complete transition. It depends on how far the reach.



Any reach moves us up the scale. Large or small, any time you obtain what you reach for, you have grown. Deciding to reach, activated the growth. Obtaining the skills and mindset closes the gap. Having the confidence to put this new talent to use, completes it.

Find Role Models

Observing people you admire shows you the qualities you would most like to acquire. What do you like most about the people you admire? What trait do they possess that you feel you don’t? How would implementing this quality change your life?

Some will say by doing this you are no longer authentic. Copying and mirroring is against their moral code. Truth is we have taken on the traits of everyone we have spent time with. Every person we have interacted with has left an impression on us. Building yourself on purpose is the most authentic thing you can do. You are deciding who you want to be.

Now I would like to give you a brief explanation about hypnosis.

Later, I will pair the two.

Recall a time you found yourself staring off into the distance. Your mind focused on one idea. There may be things going on around you, but you choose not to pay attention. This relaxed and focused state is the same state used in Hypnosis. While in the focused and relaxed state our minds are up to two hundred times more open to suggestions. This is the ideal time to plant the seeds of change.

Often, we leave our minds wide open without even knowing. For example, when watching TV. We make ourselves comfortable and relaxed while enjoying a program. We become focused on the events in the program, tuning everything else out. Now, we are wide open to suggestions.

Hypnosis Helps You to Control Personal Development and Achieve Personal Growth

By inducing this state on purpose, you take control of the messages you wish to have implanted. I lead you to the fertile ground (Alpha State) Plant the seeds you chose for yourself (suggestions) Then water the seeds by future pacing.

What would you change if you could? Would you like to see yourself with more confidence? How would selfcare or a feeling of self-worth change things for you? Do you beat yourself up about behaviors you wish to change, but struggle to do so?   Does stress weigh you down, and keep you in a fog? Does anxiety control your moods and effect your relationships?

It is time you take charge of how you respond to life.

 Change is yours to decide,


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