What do You Want for Yourself?

Personal Growth, Design Yourself on Purpose, Change Personal Attributes, Create a New Me

Design Yourself on Purpose

What personal attributes would you would like to change. Where do you think you could do better?  Wouldn't it be wonderful to design ourselves to be who you want to be, like an architect who designs a dream house?  You can...

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Take Back Your Power

You have decided to make some changes for the better. The question is, where do you start?

Habits that we have practiced over the years may be deeply ingrained. The... 

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Achieve personal growth, New Mindset, New Result, Improve Me, I want to improve myself, I want to achieve a goal

Achieve Personal Growth

Personal development is the direct route to growth. In order to move up and achieve higher goals, you must grow.  

Any reach moves us up the scale.  Deciding to reach, activates the growth. Having the...

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Memorable Moments

Andy Shaw, Debbie (me), Jack Canfield

While training for my Mental Strength Certification with Saltori NA, I had the privilege of spending quality time with these two greats. Andy Shaw Author of A Bug Free Mind, and Jack Canfield known for his Chicken Soup for The Soul series.

Certified Advanced Ericksonian Hypnotist

Certified Spiritual Wealth Practitioner

Dr Steve G Jones with Debbie Littlefield at the premier showing of The Evolution of Success in Las Vegas

Natalie Ledwell of Mind Movies with Debbie Littlefield